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Immanuel Raj Immanuel Raj
Developer Developer
  • HTML 5

    extensively used html5 features and released a white paper when working at csc.

  • Knockout

    used and extended knockout js and used as a an MVVM

  • Angular

    implemented angular based app for variety of enterprise need, still exploring.

  • webrtc

    used webrtc, to share screens acorss friends just for experiment and still exploring options.

  • d3 js

    used d3 js for dynamic reporting and flashy dashboards for major enterprise.


    wrote a base js library where any public domain can register with and can be used as a notification center.

  • Asp.Net MVC Apps

    Carma , Dash , PDSS

    Medgrotto , Quitnet

  • C# Apps

    Few apps published..

    Amalga , OFS , RapNGo

  • Android Dev

    XsFood , Mapdrop , Bubble Chat

    Bless Clikzz

  • React JS

    Few apps published..

    Aum Fish, RapNgo , Within30

  • Node Js

    Geoip Locator , Bubble Chat,

    Appointment, Gif2sprinte